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Sharpe Group Through the Years

Posted February 15th, 2023

2023 is a big year for Sharpe Group. This year, the company celebrates its 60th anniversary. The world—including the charitable sector—has changed a great deal in the last six decades. At Sharpe, we are excited to celebrate by taking a trip down memory lane led by the one and only Barlow Mann, Sharpe Group’s general …Read More

Welcoming New Team Members

Posted February 15th, 2023

Austin Chappell brings his fundraising experience to the Sharpe consulting team to enhance the fundraising capabilities of various nonprofit organizations. He has seen first-hand the impact transformational gifts can have on an organization’s work and mission and on the donors who support them. Austin is a north Texas native. He and his wife, Kacea, live …Read More

Tips and Ideas for Making the Most of 2023

Posted February 15th, 2023

No doubt about it, many fundraisers have experienced another difficult year. This follows a challenging 2021, in which Giving USA found an overall dip in inflation-adjusted giving compared to 2020. Instead of following the one-size-fits-all strategy of donor engagement, take the time to consider which methods will work best for soliciting small, medium and larger …Read More

In the Midst of Chaos

Posted February 15th, 2023

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” -Sun Tzu CHAOS—U.S. households have lost nearly $7 trillion in net worth this year. Inflation is at a 39-year high. Individual giving as a percentage of disposable income has been declining for the past five years and, according to Giving USA, fell to 1.77% in 2021. …Read More

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