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In The News…

Posted November 1st, 1999

Shifting views of retirement explored According to a September 1999 survey conducted for Civic Ventures, a nonprofit organization committed to increasing older American’s contributions to society, many of today’s seniors view their retirement years very differently from generations past. The older Americans questioned in the survey were age 50 to 75. Their answers reveal that …Read More

In Your Donor’s Voice – Part 1

Posted November 1st, 1999

Advertisers have long known the power of positive customer testimonials to attract other consumers and sales. In the commercial context, where “buyer beware” is all too often very good advice, a sincerely-told and uncompensated testimonial can be far more persuasive than the seller’s asking you to purchase its product or service. The use of testimonials …Read More

Fund-raising Executive Stresses Honesty and Ethics

Posted November 1st, 1999

This month Give & Take talks with George Holloway, president of the National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC). After 28 years with NCDC and over 37 years in the nonprofit world, Mr. Holloway is retiring this year. In this “Gift Planner Profile” he reflects on his long career in fund development. Give & Take: How did …Read More

Are All Planned Gifts Valuable?

Posted November 1st, 1999

Which would you prefer to receive as a charitable gift—an outright gift of $100,000 or a $1,000,000 life income gift? At first glance, the life income gift may appear to be the most valuable and attractive simply because it has the most zeroes and commas. In reality, a number of factors can affect the relative …Read More

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