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Posted February 1st, 1998

Taking a stab at “death” taxes If Republicans have their way this year, estate and gift taxes will be cut. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and others in Congress maintain that these taxes are not only detrimental to family farms and other businesses, they also provide very little to the public treasury. Only approximately 2% …Read More

Can Good Planning Mean Mutual Benefits?

Posted February 1st, 1998

Over the past 10 years, the way Americans earn and save has changed. As baby boomers reach middle age, their earnings have grown and they are increasingly beginning to consider their future financial needs for retirement. The specter of a faltering Social Security system and the broad availability of qualified retirement plans combined with increased …Read More

A Conversation With David Dunlop: Part II

Posted February 1st, 1998

In the January issue of Give & Take, we brought you Part I of a conversation between Tim Sharpe and Cornell’s Dave Dunlop. Drawing on his nearly 40 years experience in fund raising with Cornell University, Mr. Dunlop shared his thoughts on his long tenure in development and his philosophy behind fund raising for charitable …Read More

Saying Thank You for Bequest Commitments

Posted February 1st, 1998

Much of the discussion surrounding the process of encouraging charitable bequests is devoted to ways to accomplish effective file segmentation, motivating donors to include charitable commitments in their wills, debates on how to count bequest commitments, and other concerns that relate to the “mechanics” of bequest development. We frequently find that very little time is …Read More

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