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Exploring the Educational FLIP Trust

Posted February 1st, 2000

Editor’s note: The December 27, 1999 issue of Forbes magazine featured a story on charitable gift planning entitled, “Trust Me.” The article featured comments by Robert Sharpe, Jr., including an example of the creative use of a charitable remainder FLIP trust by a younger couple to fund college educational expenses for a young child. Many …Read More

Former Fund Manager Now Committed Fundraiser

Posted February 1st, 2000

In this issue of Give & Take, we talk with Fred Osborn, director of gift planning for The Episcopal Church Foundation in New York. As a former investment manager and business owner, Mr. Osborn brings a unique perspective to this month’s “Gift Planner Profile.” Give & Take: Why did you become involved in the field …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted February 1st, 2000

In recent months, Boston College researchers Paul G. Schervish and John J. Havens released a comprehensive new study estimating that upwards of $41 trillion of wealth will be transferred through estates during the first half of the 21st Century. The new report suggests that America’s charitable organizations and institutions will receive a growing share of …Read More

Memorials – Bridging Current and Future Giving

Posted February 1st, 2000

Memorial gifts are certainly not the latest, hottest giving vehicle in the gift planning world. As a matter of fact, memorial gifts have been around since before the first millennium began. Plato left an endowment of land to perpetuate his school, the Academy, which was named in honor of the Attic hero Academus. Many churches …Read More

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