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Before, During, and After the Bequest

Posted February 1st, 2001

Much has been written on the importance of effectively communicating the concept of charitable bequests to donors and prospective donors to charitable organizations and institutions of many different types. Why? Because gifts by bequest have consistently comprised the vast majority of gift planning funds, even for the most sophisticated gift planning programs — as much …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted February 1st, 2001

Over the past few years much has been written about the aging of America and how a larger pool of older Americans will create, among other things, a golden age of philanthropy through unprecedented amounts of assets passed via estates. Consider the fact that the portion of the American population over the age of 65 …Read More

Gifts for All Seasons

Posted February 1st, 2001

In recent weeks much has been written about the lackluster performance of stock markets in 2000. What has the impact of softer markets been on charitable giving in general and planned giving in particular? Early reports for the last quarter of 2000 are spotty with some organizations and institutions reporting mixed results, particularly in receipts …Read More

Gift Planner Strives to Nurture Relationships

Posted February 1st, 2001

In this “Gift Planner Profile,” Give & Take talks with David Schaeffer, senior development officer for the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia. As a veteran fund development professional, Mr. Schaeffer reflects on his role as a fundraiser and what that means in today’s economy. Give & Take: How did you come to work in fund …Read More

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