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In The News…

Posted October 1st, 1998

Omaha–a new regional headquarters for philanthropy? Omaha, Nebraska, may now be emerging as a new center of philanthropy. Why? Because many Omaha residents who invested with fellow Midwesterner Warren Buffett 40 years ago are reaping the financial benefits of this investment guru’s golden touch, and they’re sharing their wealth with nonprofit organizations. Many of Omaha’s …Read More

Are Your Bequest Expectancy Donors Telling the Truth?

Posted October 1st, 1998

Recently, while helping a client study its bequest files and planned gift expectancies, the following question was raised: “Many people tell us that we are in their will or trust and become members of our recognition society. The problem is that in a significant percentage of cases, when the donor dies it turns out that …Read More

Making the Most of Your Board and Volunteers

Posted October 1st, 1998

Effectively utilizing volunteers and board members in your gift planning program can be critical to the success of your efforts. However, the differing roles of volunteers and staff should be clearly stated to avoid confusion and to protect your organization’s relationship with key contributors. Early in my previous career with a large national health organization, …Read More

Advice from Gift Planners in the Field

Posted October 1st, 1998

Over the years, Give & Take has been fortunate to bring you interviews with some of the nation’s most dedicated and successful gift planners. As we celebrate our 35th year, we offer this recap of some of the most useful advice gift planners have shared with Give & Take readers. Amelia Montjoy, planned giving manager …Read More

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