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Listening for the Silent Generation

Posted April 1st, 2015

Silent no more. Hidden in the shadows between the remaining members of the Greatest Generation and the much larger group of baby boomers is another generation we often do not hear much about. While demographers may differ on dates, members of the “Silent Generation,” also known as the “lucky few,” were born in the late …Read More

How Well Do You Know Your Donors?

Posted April 1st, 2015

Donor Data Enhancement Services and the Sharpe Gift Planning Matrix© As donors give at different levels in different ways based on age, income, and other factors, your marketing should ideally be tailored to the age and wealth of your donors. By adding basic demographic data to your donor records, you can better segment and communicate …Read More

12 Things to Remember When Working With Older Donors

Posted April 1st, 2015

by Lewis von Herrmann Donors who are members of the Silent and G.I. Generations grew up with particular cultural influences, manners and customs that continue to shape the way they prefer to interact with others and receive information (see “Listening for the Silent Generation” for more on this topic). In addition, common physical limitations related to …Read More

Avoiding Charitable Tax Traps

Posted April 1st, 2015

 by: Barlow Mann How many times do we see the terms “your tax-deductible contribution is welcomed” or language of a similar nature as part of charitable gift solicitations? Is it really that simple? If an individual makes a gift to support a good cause, is the donor necessarily entitled to a charitable deduction? This seems …Read More

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