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Headmaster Takes Lead Role in Developments Efforts

Posted December 1st, 2001

In this “Gift Planner Profile” we speak with George Elder, headmaster of Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis. Dr. Elder discusses an unexpected gift the school recently received and explains why he takes an active role in fund-raising efforts. Give & Take: How long have you been a headmaster? How long have you been at Lausanne? …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted December 1st, 2001

During good economic times, it may make relatively little difference if an estate or trust distribution takes twelve months or twenty-four months. In lean times, however, when funding may be harder to come by, it is important that the process of making certain estate gifts are distributed in a reasonable amount of time receives extra …Read More

Countdown to Estate Tax Charges

Posted December 1st, 2001

Throughout the estate and financial planning community, preparations are under way to help Americans take advantage of the first steps in the scheduled reduction and eventual elimination of federal estate taxes enacted as part of the major tax law changes earlier this year. Note the initial changes in the law which take effect on January …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted December 1st, 2001

The characteristics of charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) may be derived from an examination of data published by various sources including the IRS, National Committee on Planned Giving (NCPG), and others. An understanding of this information can help improve the overall effectiveness of all involved in the gift planning process. According to the Internal Revenue Service, …Read More

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