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Federal Court Gives Gift Annuities the Green Light

Posted August 1st, 1998

As we reported in the March 1998 issue of Give & Take, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has been reconsidering a judgment made in the Texas lawsuit regarding gift annuities. The federal court ruled on June 12 that charities may join together to decide payout rates on gift annuities. This four-year-old …Read More

In The News…

Posted August 1st, 1998

Ol’ Blue Eyes’ will takes care of family, charities When Frank Sinatra died of heart failure in May, the media paid tribute to him as the man with a voice that led him to stardom. When Frank Sinatra’s will was read, we learned that there was more to the man behind the voice. Sinatra not …Read More

Easy Marketing Idea Yields Big Results

Posted August 1st, 1998

When Gloria Zarifis, planned giving associate for the Society of the Little Flower, decided to try a new strategy for a gift annuity mailing last year, she had no idea that the simple appeal would result in over $100,000 worth of gift annuities for her organization. What was the idea and how did it work? …Read More

‘Megannuities’–An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Posted August 1st, 1998

The charitable gift annuity is among the oldest of the charitable gift planning tools. Its use dates to the Middle Ages in Europe, and American charities have been utilizing it in their fund development efforts since the 1840s if not earlier. For example, one of our clients is now commemorating the one-hundredth anniversary of its …Read More

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