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A Bucket of ‘Tiers’

Posted April 1st, 1998

In IRS Notice 98-20, the U. S. Treasury has provided guidelines for the treatment of long-term capital gain (LTCG) income contained in distributions from qualified charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) under the “four-tier” distribution system provided under IRS Section 664(b). Continuing what has been described by some as the “worst in, first out” approach, the IRS …Read More

In The News…

Posted April 1st, 1998

Giving to medical causes sees healthy increase Wealthy donors who have had a personal brush with serious illness are reportedly rethinking how to best use their fortunes. Many wealthy donors are now making large gifts to health causes as a result of their own life-threatening illnesses. Some donors “quietly admit that they hope to buy …Read More

Can You Pass a Charitable Bequest Quiz?

Posted April 1st, 1998

How much do you know about charitable bequests? Test your knowledge of bequests with the following quiz: [  ] True [  ] False 1. Donors receive income tax benefits when they make a charitable bequest provision. FALSE. Because bequests are revocable until death, no income tax benefits are available at the time they are made. …Read More

What to Do When the Federal Mid-Term Rate Is Falling

Posted April 1st, 1998

Gift planners have become used to slight fluctuations in the results of the charitable gift calculation process caused by monthly changes in the discount rate prescribed by law for use in calculating such deductions. In February and March, the discount rate has dropped to 6.8%, continuing a long-term decline of 30% since the rate last …Read More

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