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Untangling the Web–Should Charities Be on the Internet?

Posted September 1st, 1998

Educational institutions may have been some of the first organizations to embrace it by virtue of its origins in defense research and communication, but now everyone from grandmothers to grandchildren is using it every day. What is it that has so many people excited? It’s the Internet, a communications revolution like few that has been …Read More

In The News…

Posted September 1st, 1998

Phenomenal bequests from frugal, yet savvy, couple No one imagined that the estates of chemical engineer Dr. Donald Othmer and his wife and former teacher Mildred Othmer would be worth approximately three-quarters of a billion dollars. When she died in April (he passed away in 1995), the Othmers left a fortune to many of their …Read More

Viatical Settlements–A Matter of Life and Death and Charity

Posted September 1st, 1998

According to the 1997 Life Insurance Fact Book, there is $14 trillion worth of life insurance in force. More than three-quarters of all American households own life insurance at an average of $170,900 per family. With the aging of America’s baby boomer population, it seems only logical that many Americans are turning to life insurance …Read More

The Impact of Stock Market Volatility on Charitable Gift Planning

Posted September 1st, 1998

With the roller coaster activity sustained by the stock market in the past several months, one might expect some investors, especially those at or near retirement age, to be reconsidering their level of commitment to a market experiencing this kind of volatility. But news reports indicate that the ups and downs of the market have …Read More

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