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Footnotes for Gift Planners

Posted April 1st, 2000

Looking for an overview of gift plans? If you are looking for one booklet that offers a concise, thumbnail sketch of each of the most popular gift planning options along with helpful examples, consider “Reflecting on Tomorrow.” This booklet is designed as a quick read for those who may have a general interest or who …Read More

Gift Planner Recommends ‘Seizing the Moment’

Posted April 1st, 2000

In this issue of Give & Take, we talk with Tim Wierzbicki, director of major and planned gifts for Habitat for Humanity. Having worked in the nonprofit sector since graduating from college, Mr. Wierzbicki shares his strong viewpoints about fund raising in this “Gift Planner Profile.” Give & Take: Why do you think you were …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted April 1st, 2000

Most planned giving specialists are well aware of the importance of bequests via wills as one of the greatest sources of maturing planned gifts each year. Many charitable entities regularly encourage potential donors to take care of friends, relatives, even other charitable organizations first and then consider their organization or institution as a final beneficiary …Read More

Trust Me . . . The Gift is Irrevocable

Posted April 1st, 2000

Planned gifts come in various sizes and shapes. Some result from modifications of wills, insurance policies, retirement plans and other planning tools that donors have in place primarily for non-charitable purposes. Other planned gifts are in the form of charitable trusts, gift annuities, pooled income funds, and other plans that are created specifically for the …Read More

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