Footnotes for Gift Planners

Looking for an overview of gift plans?

If you are looking for one booklet that offers a concise, thumbnail sketch of each of the most popular gift planning options along with helpful examples, consider “Reflecting on Tomorrow.”

This booklet is designed as a quick read for those who may have a general interest or who meet the basic profile of a planned giver, but who have not yet focused on a particular planning option. A sample is enclosed with this issue of Give & Take for your information and review.

Consider using “Reflecting on Tomorrow” as a follow-up piece for those who respond to mailings or other marketing efforts that offer general information on gift planning. “Reflecting on Tomorrow” can also be an excellent piece to use with members of planned gift recognition societies as a way to pique their interest in other types of gift plans. Consider this booklet as a handout at reunions, appreciation dinners, and other gatherings of donors.

Your organization’s logo and address information may be printed on the front and/or back cover(s). Other personalization options may be cost effective in larger quantities. To place your order for “Reflecting on Tomorrow”, or to request sample copies of other Sharpe gift planning support materials, please call 1-800-238-3253, e-mail

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