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Largest Increase Ever in Bequests to Higher Education

Posted July 1st, 2000

According to the Voluntary Support of Education 1999 report issued this spring by the Council for Aid to Education (CAE), total reported bequests to colleges and universities increased by 23%, the largest increase in over a decade. As in the case of gift activity reported by Giving USA (see page 1), giving by bequest grew …Read More

Gift Planner Practices What He Preaches

Posted July 1st, 2000

Russell V. Kohr, director of special projects at the Ravinia Festival near Chicago, is a “double” gift planner. Not only does he assist donors in making planned gifts, but he is also an avid planned gift donor himself. With over 20 years experience in development, Mr. Kohr shares his perspectives on fund raising and the …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted July 1st, 2000

Last fall, technology stocks were booming. Some “tech stocks” saw growth that reached over 10 times their original offering value by year-end 1999. This spring, however, the tech stocks began their wild ride, with many dipping sharply and losing much of their gains in a matter of weeks. Recently, we have seen tech stocks rebound …Read More

Reports Reveal Boom in Planned Giving

Posted July 1st, 2000

Two recently released reports show that planned giving income continues to grow at a rapid rate. According to Giving USA, bequests grew to $15.6 billion, up more than 14% from 1998 figures. Bequests grew at double the rate of increase in lifetime giving from individuals, which saw 7% growth. Income from bequests was some 37% …Read More

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