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Communicating Your Mission in Two Minutes or Less

Posted March 3rd, 2022

By Kristin Croone, JD Most of you are probably familiar with the term “elevator pitch.” It may sound simple, but in the moment it can be difficult to clearly communicate what you do without underselling yourself. It requires forethought and rehearsal to tell your organization’s story concisely and still make an impact. In one or …Read More

Charity as Family—Writing the Final Chapter

Posted March 3rd, 2022

By Professor Christopher P. Woehrle, JD, LLM The final chapter of a donor’s story is told through their estate plan. The toll from the pandemic has certainly motivated many to contemplate their mortality and envision what their legacy could or should be. For some, charity is part of their legacy, and as Bob Sharpe Sr. …Read More

What They Want—The Power of Donor Stories

Posted March 3rd, 2022

By Ashley McHugh I have a friend who likes to say, “I have all I need and most of what I want.” When I hear that, my first thought is “said every planned giving donor ever!” As it turns out, my friend is somewhere between a B1 and B2 on the Sharpe Gift Planning Matrix® …Read More

“… Failure to Communicate”—A Message From Our CEO

Posted March 3rd, 2022

It was in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, starring Paul Newman, that one of the most memorable—and quotable—movie lines was spoken: “What we’ve got here … is failure to communicate.” Just imagine what your reaction would be to hearing those words at an annual performance review or sitting across from a donor after an …Read More

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