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Appreciating Gifts of Securities

Posted December 1st, 1997

In most gift development programs a small number of non-cash gifts account for a significant portion of gift receipts each year. These gifts usually come in the form of publicly traded securities. In fact, statistics on gifts to higher education reveal that approximately two-thirds of the largest gifts over the last 30 years came in …Read More

In The News…

Posted December 1st, 1997

Michener: epic writer, epic giver James Michener, best-selling author of Tales of the South Pacific and Texas, died of kidney failure in October.While he was best known for his lengthy historical and geographic novels, Michener was also a notable philanthropist. Voted one of America’s top 25 philanthropists in 1996 by Fortune magazine, Michener gave $7 …Read More

For Gift Planning Success, Love What You Do

Posted December 1st, 1997

This month we are reinstating the popular Gift Planner Profile and we are pleased that Nancy Perazelli, CFRE, gift planning officer for Drake University, has agreed to share with our readers. G&T: What led you to the field of planned giving? Ms. Perazelli: I was working as business manager for the Catholic Council for Social …Read More

The Importance of Saying the Appropriate Thank-You

Posted December 1st, 1997

It has often been said that the art of saying “thank you” has been lost in America. Having spent many years working in a large national charity, I know how difficult it is to establish procedures that enable you to appropriately thank donors. However, now more than ever, and particularly with baby boomers, it is …Read More

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