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Welcoming New Team Members

Posted July 28th, 2022

Sharpe Group is thrilled to welcome some new faces, Melissa Phillips and Julie Schuldner, to Sharpe’s consulting team. Together, Melissa and Julie have decades of experience working in nonprofit fundraising. Sharpe Insights recently sat down with them. Melissa Phillips is an active member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and has raised more than $200 …Read More

The Future Is Here For Cryptocurrency

Posted July 28th, 2022

A significant plurality, if not majority, have remained skeptical of the longer-term future of cryptocurrency. A recently released executive order from the White House should end that. The Treasury, Commerce, State and Justice departments will be studying the elements of the cryptocurrency market with the goal of preparing a recommendation for the United States government’s …Read More

The Future of Fundraising

Posted July 28th, 2022

If you knew there was a platform that would give you immediate access to 99% of your target audience, would you use it? Studies show that in 2021 over 80% of all American adults considered mobile messaging their preferred method of communication, and more than 3.8 billion people worldwide have access to a smartphone. Because …Read More

Fast Forward – A Message From Our CEO

Posted July 28th, 2022

Everyone is wondering—rightly so—what the future holds for fundraising in general and large major gifts and bequests specifically. We can all agree the last two years of pandemic lockdown have upset the normal techniques and practices used in traditional planned giving: identifying prospects and building relationships with their high-net-worth donors. The most critical issue nonprofits …Read More

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