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Acknowledgement Programs–From Two Gift Planners’ Perspectives

Posted November 1st, 1998

Part I of our discussion with two development professionals about thanking donors. Acknowledging gifts is crucial element of any gift planning program, no matter what the type of nonprofit organization or institution. To find out more about how different charitable organizations thank their donors, Give & Take spoke with Tom Cullinan, executive director of gift …Read More

In The News…

Posted November 1st, 1998

Large gifts to charities abound A number of significant gifts to charitable organizations and institutions have recently been completed. This trend in larger gifts is being set primarily by individual donors. The following list summarizes a number of these large gifts and the people who made them: 1. $80 million to the Salvation Army of …Read More

Creative Ways to Integrate Current and Future Gift Marketing

Posted November 1st, 1998

Your development efforts don’t have to become a battle between encouraging gifts today versus those that will be completed over time. With a little ingenuity, the two concepts can be successfully communicated at the same time. Here are the pros and cons of several ideas for marketing seemingly conflicting gift options in a cooperative, rather …Read More

Beyond Target Marketing, What’s Next?

Posted November 1st, 1998

Recently the subject of target marketing has become a more popular topic in planned giving circles. In past years, it was common to start with the assumption that you “could never tell” who would make a planned gift, so it was wise to disseminate gift planning information as broadly as possible. This approach worked well …Read More

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