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Footnotes for Gift Planners

Posted March 1st, 2000

Preparing for memorial gifts Are you prepared for the upcoming memorial gifts season? The spring months offer a number of opportunities to pay tribute to someone special–Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and several religious holidays. Now is the time to communicate with your donors about the many rewards of memorial giving–for donors, honorees and …Read More

1997 Tax Act Changed Gift Planner’s Life Judith Kaufman

Posted March 1st, 2000

In this month’s “Gift Planner Profile”, we talk with Chicago gift planner Judith Kaufman. Ms. Kaufman, who most recently served as the executive director of planned giving at Illinois Institute of Technology, has just assumed a new position as vice president of development and external affairs for the Chicago Historical Society. Give & Take: What …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted March 1st, 2000

In recent months, Boston College researchers Paul G. Schervish and John J. Havens released a comprehensive new study estimating that upwards of $41 trillion of wealth will be transferred through estates during the first half of the 21st Century. The new report suggests that America’s charitable organizations and institutions will receive a growing share of …Read More

Estate Administration-Closing the Loop

Posted March 1st, 2000

Bequests have traditionally been the source of a large percentage of planned gift income. As a result, in addition to actively encouraging charitable trusts, gift annuities, and other gifts that involve an irrevocable transfer of assets during life or at death, most organizations and institutions with active gift planning efforts devote a significant portion of …Read More

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