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Sharpe Group Through the Years | 1970s

Posted March 10th, 2023

From August 1972 Give & Take: “A donor usually considers a current gift to your institution as a cash outlay now. To make a deferred gift, a person decides to give at some future date, either a number of years from now or at death. A deferred gift is a present decision to make a …Read More

A Love Story

Posted March 10th, 2023

By Ashley McHugh   “Every great love starts with a great story … ” ― Nicholas Sparks, “The Notebook”   If you haven’t read “The Notebook,” you may have seen the movie. I’ll confess I’ve done both … more than a few times. It’s a compelling story told in an engaging way. Good storytelling can …Read More

Understanding the Secure Act 2.0

Posted March 10th, 2023

By Julie Schuldner, MBA, CFRE When President Biden signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 into law on Dec. 29, 2022, most nonprofit organizations were laser-focused on year-end giving. Now with a new year underway, many are taking a closer look at the details and how the changes can impact their fundraising. Contained in the legislation …Read More

Preparing To Spring Forward

Posted March 10th, 2023

Sunday, March 12, is the day we once again “Spring Forward” and must get used to waking up an hour earlier. Even though many agree this practice of adjusting the time schedule is outdated—even antiquated—we have yet to banish it altogether. For strategic-minded leaders, this biannual event is a good reminder to schedule some time …Read More

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