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IRS Gives Gift at Year-End 1998

Posted February 1st, 1999

On December 9, 1998, the Internal Revenue Service released the long-awaited final regulations designed to provide additional guidance regarding charitable remainder trusts. The final regulations are generally more flexible than the proposed regulations published over a year ago. The IRS incorporated many of the changes suggested by practitioners in response to calls for input from …Read More

In The News…

Posted February 1st, 1999

Nashville universities receive record-breaking gifts Two institutions of higher learning in Nashville, Tennessee, received impressive gifts at the close of 1998. Vanderbilt University announced a $300 million stock gift in December. This gift is reported to be the largest gift ever to an educational institution. The donor, Martha Ingram, is chairman of Ingram Industries of …Read More

Gift Planner Promotes Establishing Trust With Donors

Posted February 1st, 1999

In this month’s “Gift Planner Profile” Give & Take talks with Lindsay Lapole, territorial planned giving director of the Southern Territory for the Salvation Army. After nearly 27 years working in the nonprofit world, Mr. Lapole shares some of his views about planned giving and the gift planning process. Give & Take: How did you …Read More

Spring Cleaning for Gift Planners: Spruce Up Your Memorial Program

Posted February 1st, 1999

Whether your organization or institution has 500 or 500,000 donors, chances are good that there are persons who have made gifts to your organization in honor or in memory of someone close to them. In an increasingly affluent society, combining charitable giving with tributes to loved ones is gaining in popularity as a way to …Read More

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