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Posted April 1st, 1997

Stocks increase household wealth The dramatic rise in the value of securities traded over the past few years has added more than $3 trillion to household wealth since 1991, according to a Federal Reserve survey reported in USA Today. When securities held in other plans, such as pension, retirement, and life insurance, is added, the …Read More

Benefit from Inter-Departmental Cooperation

Posted April 1st, 1997

Much has been written recently about building relationships, working in teams, and cooperating between departments in the world of for-profit business. How important is cooperation between departments in the charitable setting? My experience suggests that often in pursuit of an objective, we create an environment in which we operate autonomously. We often forget about the …Read More

WETA-TV/FM Receives Largest Bequest Ever

Posted April 1st, 1997

A recent gift in the high six-figure range was unanticipated by WETA-TV/FM, Washington, DC, when it materialized in late 1996, but turned out to be the largest estate gift in the station’s 35-year history. Bequest supports public affairs In her will, drafted in 1989, Mrs. Rosalie Koch directed that her bequest to WETA be used …Read More

Using the Charitable Lead Trust to Create a “Retirement Plan” for Children

Posted April 1st, 1997

Experienced development professionals will occasionally encounter wealthy donors whose first priority does not include making their children wealthy. In many cases, such persons are entrepreneurs who have accumulated wealth during their lifetime. In fact, as many as 85% of millionaires have created their wealth from their own endeavors and have not experienced the benefit of …Read More

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