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Gains in U.S. Household Net Worth May Lead to “Wealth Effect” Giving

Posted November 1st, 2014

According to the latest figures from the U.S. Federal Reserve, Americans’ net worth soared in the second quarter of 2014. Household wealth grew to $81.5 trillion in the second quarter of 2014, with securities values rising by $1 trillion and home values by $230 billion. These increased values have been cited as the primary drivers …Read More

Timely Ideas for Stock Gifts

Posted November 1st, 2014

This year may shape up to be a banner year for gifts of stock and other appreciated securities. As in years past, many of these gifts will be received in the closing weeks, days or even hours of the year. With adequate preparation, stock gifts can be quickly processed and put to work for your …Read More

Tips From a Gift Planning Expert: Mary-Gail Smith

Posted November 1st, 2014

During her long and successful gift planning career, Mary-Gail Smith gained a wealth of experience at a variety of local and national organizations. In her most recent position, she served as Planned Giving Advisor at Food For The Poor. Previous positions include National Director of Planned Giving for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, where she …Read More

50 Million Shades of Gray

Posted November 1st, 2014

By: Barlow Mann Some 10,000 baby boomers will be turning 65 every day for the next 15 years. By 2017, the 65+ population will be 50 million strong. The unprecedented graying of America is underway. Americans are living longer than ever before. The average American born in 1900 had a life expectancy of just 47 …Read More

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