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Passing on a Legacy of Scholarship

Posted November 1st, 2003

This month’s Gift Planner Profile features Jo Ann MacKenzie, Director of Planned and Special Gifts at Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana. An alumna of Saint Mary’s and a fundraiser for 15 years, Ms. MacKenzie recently received news of a very special gift in honor of a young woman who suffered life-altering injuries on …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted November 1st, 2003

When a donor first approaches a charity about a potential gift, those in the charity’s development office may be tempted to view the gift solely from their own perspective. But a failure to consider the impact a large gift may have on other interested parties—such as the donor’s family, other potential heirs, or other offices …Read More

Is There Security in Planned Giving?

Posted November 1st, 2003

The Tax Reform Act of 1969 is now widely considered a cornerstone of fund-raising governance. This landmark legislation established specific guidelines for structuring charitable remainder trusts and other planned gifts in such a way as to qualify for income, capital gains, estate, and gift tax benefits. This guidance brought a welcome and necessary end to …Read More

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