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Posted December 1st, 1999

There may be gold in memorabilia Tired of donors trying to give you old stuff they don’t want anymore? Do you wonder if gifts of personal property like art collections and furniture are really worth your time and effort? Don’t rule out gifts of personal property just yet. The “stuff” you receive could be worth …Read More

In Your Donor’s Voice – Part 2

Posted December 1st, 1999

In last month’s Give & Take, Part I of this article discussed the many advantages of utilizing donor testimonials in your gift planning marketing initiatives. This month, we offer some tips for creating testimonials that effectively tell the stories of particular donors and their gifts. Choosing the donor One of the most important aspects of …Read More

Is a Full-Time Gift Planner Necessary for Success?

Posted December 1st, 1999

Editor’s note: This month we continue our series on the myths and realities of planned giving with a look at the proposition that in order to be successful a full-time gift planning officer is always essential. Once upon a time, the standard advice given by consultants and others to charitable organizations and institutions interested in …Read More

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