Footnotes for Gift Planners

Giving in financially turbulent times

As stock markets fluctuate, unprecedented amounts of wealth continue to be created and lost on a daily basis. In this environment, many donors who are also investors may be unaware of special strategies that can help with their financial and gift planning, regardless of the direction the economy turns.

If you are interested in communicating with your donors about strategies they can use to make charitable gifts more effectively— especially during times of economic uncertainty—consider the booklet “Giving Securities.” This booklet is designed to provide more in-depth information to donors and friends who may have the means and the desire to make a real difference in your gift development efforts, but may feel frozen into inactivity because of fluctuating financial markets.

This booklet discusses in detail several strategies that could be invaluable to those with the capacity to make larger gifts while maintaining their own financial security. Special sections focus on:

  •  Choosing the right asset to give
  •  How to give securities and still “keep” them with a new higher cost basis
  • How to “balance” capital gains tax through charitable giving
  • How to give out of the market and receive a life income
  • And other special planning strategies.

If you would like more information or to place your order for “Giving Securities,” call 1-800-238-3253 or fax your order to (901) 761-4268.

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