8 Ways to Use Year-End Giving Communications to Encourage More and Larger Gifts

Most nonprofit organizations receive a majority of their gifts each year between the months of August and December. Since the latter months of the year are likely to be a critical time for a nonprofit’s overall financial health, it is important to make sure your current and potential donors understand the most effective ways to make their gifts as the end of the year approaches. A well-informed constituency could make a profound and lasting impact on your organization’s 2016 fundraising efforts.

Year-End Giving Brochure CoversAmong other specialized pieces designed to help communicate the best ways to make gifts, Sharpe Group offers five brochures intended to educate and motivate donors to give before the end of 2016. Written with donors of all ages in mind, each brochure explains the benefits of giving before the end of the year and explores various ways to make a charitable gift, including cash, stock, gifts from retirement plans and bequests. These pieces can be easily incorporated into previously scheduled appeals, or as the focus of a special mailing to a particular group of donors.

In addition to targeted mailings, year-end giving brochures can be a vital part of your fall funding strategies in a number of ways:

1. As inserts in gift acknowledgment and thank-you letters to donors
2. As follow-up information requested in response to mailings, advertisements and seminars
3. As hand-outs at seminars or special events
4. As support materials to accompany gift proposals
5. As “leave behind” pieces following personal visits with donors
6. To supply information to targeted groups of high-level donors on specific gift plans
7. To educate your board, volunteers and staff
8. To provide information to those referred from advisors, personal contacts, requests for more information or other activities

The brochures may be personalized with your organization’s contact information and logo on the front and/or back cover. Check with your Sharpe Group representative if you are interested in other customization options.

Special prices apply to orders placed by September 15, 2016. Order online by clicking here. ■

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