Client Corner: Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation golden retrieverSharpe Group works with a number of organizations that help protect the habitat, safety and well-being of animals. One such organization, Morris Animal Foundation, funds scientific research to diagnose, treat, prevent and cure diseases in animals.

Located in Denver, Colo., Morris Animal Foundation was founded in 1948 by veterinarian Dr. Mark L. Morris with a mission of “making scientific discoveries and advances that would change veterinary practices, thus improving the health of animals.” Morris Animal Foundation has invested more than $92 million toward 2,300 studies that have significantly improved the health of many different types of animals—from domesticated family pets to wildlife such as sea otters and gorillas.

Morris Animal Foundation newslettersOne of the Foundation’s most recent projects, the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, is a first-of-its-kind, long-term, groundbreaking study of 3,000 golden retrievers. By monitoring their lifestyles and biology over the lifetimes of the dogs, scientists hope to better understand the roles of environment, nutrition, exercise, behavior, genetics and other factors in the development and prevention of cancer and other canine diseases.

Morris Animal Foundation has been educating supporters for more than 20 years about the best ways to make charitable gifts that will benefit its research for years to come. To enhance this effort, they recently began partnering with Sharpe to produce a bi-annual estate planning newsletter as well as an interactive website designed to better communicate important planned giving information. ■

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