Is Your Gift Planning Marketing Reaching the Right Donors?

With more than 55 years working with nonprofits of all sizes and missions, SHARPE newkirk studies confirm your most likely prospects for planned gifts are from generations who still prefer print communications.

According to Pew Research, as much as 1/3 of Americans age 65 and older are not home broadband users, and a large percentage of those age 75 and older do not use the internet at all. Studies by Professor Russell James, J.D., Ph.D, CFP® of Texas Tech University and others reveal that the majority of final bequest decisions are made by people over age 75 at the time the will is drafted. This means the majority of the prime group who will leave bequests and make other planned gifts over the coming decade won’t be reached without a balanced approach including a robust print communication strategy, especially if you have email addresses for a low percentage of your donor database in this age range.

SHARPE newkirk’s print communications support services cover a full range of gift planning opportunities, including wills and bequests, charitable gift annuities, retirement plans, life insurance, life income gifts and trusts. They include straightforward information and examples for donors, as well as helpful technical information for professional advisors.

Our creative services team can customize each publication to suit your needs, personalized to the degree you desire, mirroring the look and feel of your organization. We tailor content to your specific policies and objectives, and our experts will review each piece in light of tax, securities and other applicable laws and regulations.

SHARPE newkirk provides the creative consulting, writing, editorial and other print production services (including mailing services) your organization needs.

Learn more about our gift planning communication materials by clicking here. Or reach out to us at or 901.680.5300. ■

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