Helping Donors Organize Important Information

Searching for ways you can assist donors with their philanthropic planning? Consider furnishing them with a helpful tool they can use to help organize and implement their priorities—the Personal Financial Affairs Record booklet.

Keeping important information in one place can be helpful for making plans today and for future reference. Available in two distinct formats, this booklet is a guide that will help donors coordinate a list of important personal information, such as:

  • Location of will, trusts and other estate planning documents.
  • Location of and information about life insurance policies, investment documents and retirement account information.
  • Funeral instructions and record of military service.
  • Charitable interests important to the donor.

With the Personal Financial Affairs Record booklet, donors can organize their personal planning information in one convenient document. This can be a helpful tool as donors work with advisors to implement their personal and charitable planning goals.

Consider offering a copy of this booklet to donors, prospective donors and legacy society members, as well as providing them at estate planning seminars or leaving them with donors following personal visits.

As with all Sharpe booklets and brochures, Personal Financial Affairs Record may be personalized with your organization’s logo and contact information. For additional details and to view these and other estate planning booklets, click here. You can also email us or call 901.680.5300. ■

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