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Posted November 19th, 2020

Sharpe Wholistic Solution: A Message From the CEO

This issue of Give & Take focuses on the diagram that depicts how we help charities and nonprofit organizations raise large gifts. It is named the Sharpe “Wholistic” Solution because it encompasses the entirety of the “what to do” for fundraising success.

Sharpe Group is well known for seminar training, custom publications and planned giving websites. The Wholistic diagram shows the Sharpe Group services and tools used to accomplish the “what to do.” Our services and tools interrelate to provide the Sharpe Wholistic Solution concept.

Sharpe partners with you to communicate, educate and build the bridge between yourself and those who support your mission and can make large gifts. Cultivating donors to become a valued part of your family is the trusted role of Sharpe Group.

The Sharpe Wholistic Solution will:

1. Use technology-based Augmented Intelligence (AI) analysis of donor data to identify donors (Know Your Donors) and provide strategies and tactical recommendations for your development team to use to strengthen donor relations.

2. Use scientific-based workforce assessment tools to identify and deliver services that enhance your development team’s skill set used to strengthen your donor relationships and create individual and team development and training recommendations (Know Your Team). Both the human and technical components are critical to delivering an effective fundraising program.

3. Use proven words, phrases, layouts, media, photos, interviews and educational messaging as strategies and tactics to develop and build relationships between your development team and donors (Create Your Plan/Implement Your Plan). While development staff members typically view the donors as a group with a common philanthropic desire, the donors see themselves as individuals. Connecting these perspectives optimizes fundraising.

4. Provide stewarding messages to maintain relationships with older donors, widows, widowers, donors relocating to senior living communities and especially those donors experiencing dramatic life changes that eliminate the capacity to maintain giving frequency (Steward Your Donors).

5. Provide analytics of website traffic activity timed to publication mailings and measure response results to prescribe program modifications (Analyze Your Results). Planned giving national conferences, regional and local council presentations, webinars and other virtual training are all about the “what to do.” Most stop there, though, with an example or a case study without revealing “how to do it.”

The Sharpe Wholistic Solution provides the tools, expertise and the measurement and metrics to your staff that are critical to your fundraising success.

Kind regards,
Jim Ross
Chairman, CEO

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