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Posted November 19th, 2020

Quality Over Quantity?

Sharpe Group has seen response rates from various gift planning mailing approaches over the years that range from 10% (and more) to one-tenth of 1% or less. In today’s competitive and budget-driven environment, the most important measurement is of the quality of response rather than the quantity.

Any number of factors can influence the response one can expect. Among them:

  • Demographics of the recipients, including age, wealth and giving history.
  • The method of communicating, e.g., digital or printed or a combination of the two.
  • The content of the materials. Do they seem like advertising, or are they designed to be perceived as helpful information?
  • What is offered on the response device (such as a complimentary booklet or brochure)?
  • The level of confidentiality conveyed.
  • Number of previous mailings to the same list.
  • The time of year the material is sent.

The makeup of the prospect file, the level of commitment to your mission and prior development efforts are probably the most vital determinants of both the quantity and quality of response received.

Show—and tell—the most interested supporters the best ways to make their gifts. Build relationships with those who express interest and commitment. Then judge the results of your efforts over time, rather than by the number of reply cards you receive.

The ultimate goal is to find those who will include your organization in their estate plans, thus elevating you to the status of family.

Measurement & Metrics: Analyze Your Results

Sharpe Group believes analyzing your results is a vital component of a successful fundraising strategy. We have tools to help you measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Contact us to learn more.

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