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Posted January 29th, 2021

Sharpe Insights : A Message From the CEO

Change is never easy, and the passing of time makes change more difficult.

Our founder, Bob Sharpe Sr., began a newsletter 53 years ago titled Give & Take, which was mailed quarterly and later on a monthly basis to thousands of fundraising professionals.

Beginning in 2021, we are changing the name to Sharpe Insights. (As our newsletter emeritus, Give & Take will become another part of our esteemed and storied history.)

Why are we changing the name? In 2020, Sharpe Group embraced a variety of technology-based tools that will enable our consultants to provide even more insightful recommendations. Using Artificial Intelligence, we are able to analyze every aspect of our clients’ donor data files. Uncovering previously unknown patterns of donor giving and correlations that tie to large gifts is now possible almost instantaneously. Segmenting donors by their unique giving history allows for more effective and efficient communications.

Sharpe has developed a website traffic tracking dashboard that will provide real-time information on all activity on your home website and any adjacent websites.

Sharpe has the tools to help assess your fundraising staff. Much like a planned giving audit, we can provide an online assessment of every member in your fundraising program.

We decided calling our newsletter Sharpe Insights better fits with the overall content and our capabilities.

Some things, however, never change.
Sharpe Group’s Mission: Serving Those Who Serve Society.
Sharpe Group’s Purpose: Helping Nonprofits Raise Large Gifts.
Sharpe Group’s Method: Sharpe’s Wholistic Solution.

This month’s newsletter has several articles that delve into the mechanics of Sharpe’s Wholistic Solution to raising large gifts. Throughout 2021, Sharpe Insights will continue to identify how Sharpe’s Wholistic Solution proprietary tools and KnowledgeBase® will help you identify and communicate with your donors who are most likely to make large gifts.

Kind regards,
Jim Ross
Chairman and CEO


The Wholistic Solution

Sharpe Group’s wholistic approach identifies and builds on an organization’s strengths to provide you the tools and expertise necessary for a successful gift planning program.

The Wholistic Solution features three pillars and six categories.

Analytics & A.I.

  • Know Your Donors
  • Know Your Team

Strategy & Tactics

  • Create Your Plan
  • Implement Your Plan

Measurement & Metrics

  • Steward Your Donors
  • Analyze Your Results
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