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Posted September 16th, 2020

Survey Results Illustrate the State of Nonprofits Across the Country

Sharpe Group recently conducted an anecdotal survey of nonprofit clients to see how they are faring in the current environment. The questions focused on fundraising and budget impacts and organizational changes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharpe collected responses from 91 organizations with a variety of missions. This survey is not intended as a scientific study but to share anecdotal data about how nonprofits across the country have been impacted and how they are changing and adapting to unusual circumstances.

As expected, most organizations’ budgets and fundraising goals have been negatively impacted, although to varying degrees. 75.55% of respondents reported a negative impact on their budget health with 32.22% reporting a large negative impact. Many organizations reported the loss of expected revenue due to the cancellation of major fundraising events and an overall decrease in giving. 41.11% expect gifts to decrease by less than 25%, and 21.11% expect a decrease of more than 25%. Despite this, most organizations have been able to successfully alter their fundraising strategies to accommodate the need for virtual events and interactions, a trend that most expect to continue going forward.

The pandemic and economic downturn have forced some organizations to make difficult decisions regarding staff and salaries. 30.34% of respondents reported permanent staff reductions, and 27.78% reported staff furloughs. 47.19% of respondents reported salary freezes or reductions within their organization. Some reported the consolidation or merging of departments or with other organizations, but no respondent has had to close operations.

Many organizations reported improved relationships with donors and among staff as well as improved staff productivity due to necessary changes to fundraising plans and operations. Respondents also feel their organization is more flexible and better equipped to handle a crisis in the future.

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