Year-End Fundraising Critical for 2018

year-end brochure coversWith the recent tax law changes, many people have questions about the impact this new law will have on their charitable giving in 2018. They should be pleased to hear that the charitable income tax deduction was preserved and enhanced in many cases, and there are still many smart ways to make tax-advantaged gifts whether they itemize deductions or not.

The end of the year is fast on its way, so now is the time to make sure your donors understand the new tax law, including how to time and structure their gifts this year for maximum benefit. Show them the smartest ways to give, including cash, noncash gifts (such as stocks) or gifts through retirement plans or other arrangements.

SHARPE newkirk has several year-end giving publications to help you get that conversation started. Our 2018 year-end giving brochures are a convenient and cost-effective way to show donors the advantages of funding gifts with cash or other assets, including appreciated property. The information in our year-end brochures is general enough to send to anyone on your mailing list.

SHARPE newkirk’s three year-end brochure designs can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs. You may choose to imprint the front and/or back of your brochures with your name and contact information, or you may opt to work with our team of editorial and design experts to create a custom year-end brochure tailored specifically for your organization. For more information, click here or contact us at 901.680.5300 or

In addition, we recommend sharing the 16-page booklet Your Guide to Effective Giving After Tax Reform with donors who have given $500 or more in the last few years. The content is directed to those who now deduct their gifts and are likely to continue doing so. It includes a number of strategies to help donors maximize their giving by taking full advantage of powerful incentives still in place. For more information about this booklet and to download a preview, click here. ■

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