Year-End Fundraising Tools

As the year-end season approaches, it is critical to reach out to your donors as they plan what kind of gifts they want to make before the end of the tax year. Informing your donors of mutually beneficial ways to give with tailored communications is key to maximizing your fundraising efforts during the final three months of the year.

SHARPE newkirk’s 2019 Personalized Year-End Brochures are a convenient and cost-effective way to remind your donors how and why they can make charitable gifts this year-end. Our brochures highlight the benefits associated with gifts of cash and qualified retirement plan distributions, as well as noncash gifts such as stocks. Start a conversation about smart ways to give with personalized communications that align with your fundraising strategy and resonate with your donors.

New for 2019: Year-End Brochures Personalized for You

This year, we are pleased to introduce our online platform to create and order personalized printed year-end brochures. First, select a brochure from the three available titles. Then choose an accent color and cover image from the provided selections. You may also upload your own image and your full-color logo and contact information to create a brochure that fits your organization.

With every year-end brochure order, SHARPE’s communications package includes sample cover letter text, P.S. language and copy that can be used in emails, web articles, printed articles or postcard reminders.

For more ideas on year-end marketing, see “Making the Most of Giving in 2019: A Year-End Checklist.”


How to Use Your 2019 Personalized Year-End Brochures

2019 Year-End Giving Brochures may be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • As inclusions with your year-end appeal letter.
  • As inserts in gift acknowledgments and thank-you letters to donors.
  • As follow-up information requested in response to mailings, advertisements and seminars.
  • As hand-outs at seminars or special events.
  • As support materials to accompany gift proposals.
  • As “leave behind” pieces following personal visits with donors.
  • To supply information to targeted groups of high-level donors on specific gift plans.

Act now to make year-end brochures a vital part of your overall fundraising strategy. Click here to download step-by-step instructions and get started. ■

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