Turn a Record Dow Into Record Charitable Gifts This Fall


As the Dow has hit record levels in recent months, it is important to note that this surge, along with a growing optimism among donors, coincides with the all-important year-end giving season. Given the rise in stock market values, many donors may feel more capable of making charitable gifts this fall. (Note the recent headline-grabbing stock gifts by billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.*) And if you remind them in time, your donors will also have the extra motivation of lowering their tax bill by making gifts before December 31.

Turn to Sharpe Group for the materials you need to encourage year-end giving. In addition to Year-End Brochures (click here) your higher capacity donors and prospective donors and their advisors may benefit from the more in-depth information found in Sharpe’s 16-page booklet Giving Securities. This popular booklet explains why now is a great time to give securities and describes the tax benefits associated with these gifts, how to give a security while “keeping” it, and how a “balanced sale” of shares can help donors meet multiple goals.

Keep copies of Giving Securities on hand to share with donors in person during visits or at other gatherings. Or you may want to make it a focal point of a special targeted mailing to a select group of top donors who may then decide to use gifts of securities to fulfill pledge commitments or make other outright gifts that they had not thought possible.

Like all Sharpe materials, Giving Securities may be personalized with your organization’s logo and contact information on the front and/or back covers. Additional customization options are also available. For more information, click here or reach out to us at info@SHARPEnet.com or 901.680.5300. ■

* Peterson-Withorn, Chase, “Warren Buffett Sets Personal Record, Donates Nearly $3.2 Billion in a Single Day,” Forbes, July 10, 2017.

* Metcalf, Tom, “Bill Gates Makes Largest Donation of Microsoft Stock Since 2000 With $4.6 Billion Gift,” The Seattle Times, August 14, 2017.

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