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What’s Ahead for Planned Gift Fundraising in 2020?

Posted January 21st, 2020

by Russell James It’s the beginning of a new year, and a great time to think about what’s next. What’s ahead for 2020? How can you be ready? Delayed tax impacts Yes, I know. The new tax law took effect in 2018. Why are we still talking about it? Because real world impact takes time, …Read More

How Well Do You Know Your Donors?

Posted November 11th, 2019

Knowing the age and wealth of your donors can make a huge difference in how, when and what you communicate with them. Imagine having the information you need to master your marketing efforts. Think how effectively you could allocate your budget if you knew precisely how and when to communicate with your donors for maximum …Read More

Letter From Our Chief Executive Officer

Posted November 11th, 2019

Throughout the last five decades, SHARPE newkirk’s work has aligned us closely with our clients’ projects and missions. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work side by side with talented teams in our industry to provide critical services to nonprofit organizations. For us, this year included several major milestones as well as a leadership reorganization …Read More

Philanthropy Puzzler

Posted November 11th, 2019

The “Philanthropy Puzzler” features gift questions fundraisers may encounter in the field, followed by solutions from our panel of experts. If you would like to send us your own “puzzler,” please email us at with “Philanthropy Puzzler” in the subject line. Philanthropy Puzzler A donor owns 30% of a ranch in Texas and wants …Read More

Charitable Giving Tax Service

Posted November 11th, 2019

Available exclusively from SHARPE newkirk, Charitable Giving Tax Service (CGTS) is an online reference library of tax-related philanthropy information. CGTS includes sample gift documents, trust forms and gift deduction worksheets and tables. Sections are cited to the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations, plus court cases and rulings—all searchable by keywords or phrases. CGTS is a …Read More

Perspectives on Personal Wealth

Posted November 11th, 2019

by Barlow T. Mann, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer Because wealth, age and marital status are important factors in an individual’s charitable giving capability, national trends are helpful in determining your marketing plans in relation to the data you have on your donors. The Winter 2019 Statistics of Income Bulletin provides a glimpse of …Read More

A Look at Top University Endowments for FY2018

Posted November 11th, 2019

Each year, the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) partners with TIAA to benchmark endowment returns for higher education institutions. For FY2018 (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018), 802 U.S. colleges and universities participated in the NACUBO-TIAA Study of Endowments. The study indicates an average return of 8.2% for the year compared to …Read More

Counting the Ways to Give at Year-End

Posted September 3rd, 2019

Charitable gifts come in all forms and sizes, and year-end appeals focusing only on gifts of cash might miss valuable opportunities. For example, the IRS reports that for 2016, taxpayers who itemized claimed charitable deductions of about $203.5 billion. Of that amount, more than $73.6 billion came from noncash gifts. It’s important to not only …Read More

Making the Most of Giving in 2019: A Year-End Checklist

Posted September 3rd, 2019

Traditionally, the final quarter of the calendar year is the most generous time of the year, but how will recent tax reform changes and a slowing economy impact donors, and what should you be doing to help them make the most of their charitable giving dollars this year…and next? Calendar year 2019 is shaping up …Read More

Year-End Fundraising Tools

Posted September 3rd, 2019

As the year-end season approaches, it is critical to reach out to your donors as they plan what kind of gifts they want to make before the end of the tax year. Informing your donors of mutually beneficial ways to give with tailored communications is key to maximizing your fundraising efforts during the final three …Read More

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