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Artificial Intelligence & Donor Insights

Posted June 2nd, 2021

By Dennis Koerner, Ph.D. As technology continues to grow and evolve, artificial intelligence has captivated the world with its impressive advancements. Whether you talk to Siri on your iPhone or chat with a customer service chatbot on a website, you have already encountered AI in your everyday life. Artificial intelligence is everywhere (even though you …Read More

Charitable Giving: Good for Charities, Good for Donors

Posted April 7th, 2021

Studies show charitable giving can positively impact the health and well-being of donors. New brochure titles highlighting the benefits of giving for donors, including their own health and happiness, are now available for personalization. As our country moves forward with a renewed sense of hope, now would be a great time to remind your donors …Read More

America’s Inherent Nature Brings Hope for 2021

Posted April 6th, 2021

By Professor Christopher P. Woehrle, J.D., LL.M “In the United States, as soon as several inhabitants have taken an opinion or an idea they wish to promote in society, they seek each other out and unite together once they have made contact. From that moment, they are no longer isolated but have become a power …Read More

A Giving Haiku

Posted April 6th, 2021

April is National Poetry Month, and April 17 is International Haiku Poetry Day. As part of this issue’s focus on hope and renewal, we’d like to celebrate philanthropy with this unique poetry style in a giving haiku, and hopefully bring some smiles. Thank you for all you do for the community. total deductions more than …Read More

Planning the Adventure: A Message From Our CEO

Posted April 6th, 2021

In early 1958, my father and uncle came up with an awesome plan to take my younger brother, cousins and me on a road trip out west. The interstate system was in its infancy, so the idea was to make our way to Route 66 outside of St. Louis and then travel to California. We …Read More

Good News for Givers in 2021

Posted January 29th, 2021

Congress recently passed the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act to help counter the immense ongoing challenges Americans are facing. The $900 billion plus relief bill is intended to aid individuals as well as businesses, while also encouraging charitable giving. To help communicate these changes to your donors, Sharpe Group has updated our 2020 …Read More

Philanthropy Puzzler: Gifts From Life Insurance Policies

Posted January 29th, 2021

The “Philanthropy Puzzler” features gift questions fundraisers may encounter in the field, followed by solutions from our panel of experts. If you would like to send us your own “puzzler,” please email us at with “Philanthropy Puzzler” in the subject line. Philanthropy Puzzler When Harriet received her W-2, she was surprised to find a …Read More

Newsletters Are an Important Part of Stewarding Donors: A Conversation With IFAW’s Tamara Lane-Wilson

Posted January 29th, 2021

By Grant Miller Tamara Lane-Wilson is the gift planning manager at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). She began her career at Sharpe Group, where she advised numerous charities on their planned gift marketing programs. Previously, Tamara has been on the board of directors at National Capital Gift Planning Council, where she also served …Read More

Navigating the Last Lap of the Journey

Posted January 29th, 2021

By Professor Christopher P. Woehrle, J.D., LL.M All of your diligence and creativity in making the case for support to a long-time supporter yields a “Yes!” Now, the last mile of the race is getting to “yes” a few more times!!! An advisor in the supporter’s planning council will be asked to greenlight the gift …Read More

Sharpe Insights : A Message From the CEO

Posted January 29th, 2021

Change is never easy, and the passing of time makes change more difficult. Our founder, Bob Sharpe Sr., began a newsletter 53 years ago titled Give & Take, which was mailed quarterly and later on a monthly basis to thousands of fundraising professionals. Beginning in 2021, we are changing the name to Sharpe Insights. (As …Read More

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